Pavo is an importer of
the finest handwoven
merchandise from India.

Based near San Francisco, CA, Pavo (Latin for Peacock) offers a curated collection of fine textiles, in the form of womens’ accessories and home furnishings. The lines, representing innovative and original designs, combine classic textile craft with a contemporary color palette.

about anita

Anita, the owner of Pavo SF, converted her love for fine Indian textiles, into a wholesale import business in 2006. The textiles, a dazzling variety of weaves, artistry and craftsmanship, are sourced from the studio of acclaimed weaver and designer Ms. Neeru Kumar. Anita and Neeru collaborate on developing seasonal collections, specifically for specialty retailers and Museum stores in the North American market.

about neeru

In the world of handcrafted textiles, Neeru Kumar is a rare and inspired talent. Using traditional techniques and indigenous materials, but with constant experimentation and research, Neeru has created a whole new vocabulary in textile design. Made with sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, her work covers a wide range of products, and is sold all over the world, due to her participation in international trade fairs in Paris and Frankfurt, and her collaboration with top Japanese designers. Neeru’s textiles have been described as “collectible antiques of the future.”